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Korea’s Provincial Parks

This is an active, ongoing series featuring the provincial parks of Korea. Stay tuned for more provincial parks!

Beginning in October 2015, I went on a year-long mountain mission. What started as a quest to visit every national park wound up also including every provincial park! The following list is organized by the order in which I visited each provincial park.

There are currently 20 provincial parks in South Korea. This number fluctuates a bit over time as new parks are added and others are upgraded to national park status. You can learn more about each provincial park here: click the image of a park or its caption to see photos, maps and read practical tips for visiting it and a description of my experiences there.  Or, get started here with my introduction to the mountains of Korea here.

Jogyesan Provincial Park
Gajisan Provincial Park
Yeoninsan Provincial Park
Cheongwansan Provincial Park
Duryunsan Provincial Park

Maisan Provincial Park

Moaksan Provincial Park
Yeonhwasan Provincial Park
Cheongnyangsan Provincial Park
Naksan Provincial Park
Gyeongpo Provincial Park
Deoksan Provincial Park
Taebaeksan National Park*
Paryeongsan Provincial Park (Dadohaehaesang National Park)**

*Taebaeksan: When I began my mountain mission year in 2015, Taebaeksan was a provincial park!  This park was upgraded from a provincial park to a national park in early 2017. I visited Taebaeksan in June 2016. At that time, work seemed to be already underway for the park’s status upgrade: there were brand-new signs, excellent maps and wide, well-maintained trails – all hallmarks of Korea’s national parks. I’ve included a link to Taebaeksan in both my national park and provincial park lists.

**Paryeongsan: This park is also included in my national park list, because although the mountain itself is a provincial park, it is surrounded by an area of Dadohaehaesang National Park. But I’m secretly pleased that it can be written into both lists because it deserves a double recommendation!!