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What a wonderful world

What a wonderful world

Let's go explore it!

Welcome to Peaks and Penguins!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Carrie, and this is Peaks and Penguins.

An image of Carrie in the forest near the summit of Seoraksan National Park. She's wearing a red jacket and a running vest, and is standing on a trail surrounded by brilliant fall foliage in reds, yellows, oranges and greens.
Seoraksan National Park, South Korea

I’m so happy you’re here! I’ve got so much to share with you. My awesome husband/best friend/adventure partner and I have been busy exploring the world, mostly on foot or by bicycle, for the past 7 years, and we’ve accumulated a lot of photos, videos and stories along the way!


An image of the author, Carrie, and her husband, Kent, standing on a mountain peak in Dadohaehaesang National Park. Kent is in the foreground, taking a selfie. Carrie is in the background, standing just behind the summit stele, with her hands formed into the shape of a heart in front of her chest.
Dadohaehaesang National Park, South Korea

This is a brand new space that will one day grow into an archive for those photos and stories.  Please, take a look around! This website is a work in progress, so not all links are active yet. But you can check out the ‘Start Here!’ page to learn a bit more about what this blog is and aspires to be. The quick summary: Peaks and Penguins is about our hikes, bike rides, ultramarathons, animal encounters, plant-based lifestyle, and travels around the world.

Right now, you can discover the mountains of Korea with me, including all of Korea’s National Parks! Or, check out some of my other favorite adventures in South Korea, like circumnavigating Jeju Island on foot or running my first ultramarathon(s).

Stay tuned for more peaks, places, plants, and yes, maybe even penguins!

An image of two wild African penguins on the white sand of Boulders Beach. Both penguins have black backs and feet, and white bellies. They have feathers that are slightly pink above their eyes. The sand looks soft and white, and is covered with the tracks of other penguins.
The cutest residents of Boulders Beach, South Africa

Up next is my 100k race report, and a series about Korea’s Provincial Parks!

An image of the author and her husband in front of the rugged spine of Duryunsan Provincial Park. It's a windy day, and their hair is wild. Jagged grey rocks rise up from an emerald forest into the misty sky behind them.
Duryunsan Provincial Park, South Korea

Thanks for visiting, and happy adventuring to you!